run calvin. run far away. ash loves you far too much to function. you only hurt them. everyday you stay together its just another day of cutting, starvation, neglect, mutilation, explotation, and money wasted. "oh maybe calvin will like this if i get it for them!!! Maybe i should waste my money and time for this, theyll love that!!" and you give nothing. which, me personally i dont care. i am not related to ash so i dont fucking care. Buttttttt, its still sad. This poor boy rotting away in their bed just waiting for a small message from you, only for a shitty "Hi" and then more hours of silence. You are disgusting. You know this one suffers, selling themselves for money just to get you things. Trying to stay awake for hours ruining sleep schedules to the point their mother has been abusing them over their mistreatment. You used to be so good. You say youve changed for the better but lets be honest.

you are still shit and always will be.