Ash okoekase listnd. -Temple

somehtign unbearbel. something so sick. i cannot tell you.i dont want to be apart of ash. i dontwant tobe with ash. i cry like calvin but stick like █████. why why why. whta have i done

it is so painful. ash is sick, he is unwell. he getsworse everyday. ive noticed how heignores everyone but calvin. hislife. his entire fucking being revolves around that person. Some wouls say im exaggertaign. How thevuck do i exxegerate a death bed. huh? i try so hard to distract him. i become everyone he wants me to be, i am pretending to even be calvin, whispering postitive affiramtions into his ears. dreams are out of the question, he is sick. hes so sick. -Temple

Ash is very ill.

It hurts a lot, seeing Ash stare. I feel his 3rd person. I understand the pure emptiness you feel. Staring, waiting, itching. He is very sick and needs help. I know what its like to have the "Big Marble Spiral." We can all feel the small cracks and slivers biggering. I am so sorry. I am so so sorry.

Takodas m

It's my fault. We are all going to die because of me. Theres no point in lying anymore. I cant keep lying when im responsible for murdering someone i love. If i didnt fuck with remmy and make temple we coudlve reached it. Im so fucking sorry why couldnt i keep my mouth shut for once.


why couldnt i push through the neglect. i blame myself. everyone feelign so dreadful, spiteful. dead. dead.

do you feel it? you feel it right. the needle going so deep, thrusting through your virgin veins. your arm is mine, you will feel guilt

everyone else(click)..

calvin.(only calvin, click.).